Southfields is a Utopian place…

A window into a world where we redefine the notion of true freedom. Where all the complications of life fade away and you can be you.

Where true wellness is much more than physical health, exercise and nutrition. Where true wellness is a feeling that includes physical, emotional, and social health.

A world where you are liberated. Where you feel safe, present, spontaneous and truly free. The ability to be yourself, in the moment.

We dream of a world where you’re liberated. You’re free to be who you are. To act how you feel. And to live spontaneously in harmony with the moment. All the while respecting your neighbour and embracing your environment – whoever and wherever that might be. You can let a little loose, get a bit silly, and hey, even make a few mistakes, because you’re held in a space where there’s no judgment’s, no worries, and no guilt.

Grab a Southie… and embrace the now.